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Töltött Paprika

Stuffed Peppers

This recipe comes from Szakácskönyve by Mrs. Ferenc Móra (Móra Ferencné). Töltött paprika are a common Hungarian dish, particularly at the end of the summer when both peppers and tomatoes are in season. The best kind of peppers to use in this recipe are the sweet, long, pale green ones. They are often called “Hungarian peppers” or “banana peppers” abroad, and in Hungary they are called tölteni való paprika (or TV paprika), which means “peppers for stuffing.”

12 peppers
500 grams ground pork
100 grams rice, parboiled
1 kilogram tomatoes
3-4 cubes of sugar
Pinch of salt
200 milliliters sour cream
100 grams fat
1 tablespoon flour

“We are cutting around the stems of the peppers, and removing the stems, seeds, and veins,” Móra writes. (We are translating the text faithfully, because it is so adorable.) “We are blanching the peppers. The stuffing is made in the same way as for stuffed cabbage, but you parboil the rice a little bit. After the peppers are stuffed, we will prepare the rántás and dilute it with the juice of the boiled and crushed tomatoes, salt, and the sugar. We’re adding the stuffed peppers to this and cooking them well. We’re serving them with tejföl.”

  1. istvan pethes says:

    Eddig csak toltott paprikat neztem, de ez konyvet majd talan edesanyam nekem haggya.
    Van benne sok jo dolog ami hiv vissza, ugy mint az anyafold, magyarorszagra.


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