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Töltött Karalábé

Stuffed Kohlrabi

This recipe for töltött karalábé comes from Szakácskönyve by Mrs. Ferenc Móra (Móra Ferencné). Although she does not mention it, a bit of the diced kohlrabi which was carved out from the center can also be added to the meat filling. It is also commonly served sprinkled with chopped dill.

12 kohlrabis
500 grams ground pork
100 grams rice, parboiled
Pinch of pepper
Pinch of salt
Half an onion
150 grams fat
1 “spoonful” flour
Half bunch of parsley
200 milliliters sour cream

“Let’s buy small, young kohlrabi,” Móra writes. (We are translating the text faithfully, because it is so adorable.) “We’ll wash them and carve the insides in such a way that the walls of the kohlrabies are thin. Next, we are filling the insides with the stuffing the same way we do it with töltött paprika. For the stuffing we are grinding the meat and mixing it with the rice that has been parboiled, a little of the fat, the pepper, and the salt. We are stuffing this mixture inside of the kohlrabies. In salted water, we are cooking the stuffed kohlrabies along with the pieces that we carved from the insides, diced. When the stuffed kohlrabies are soft, thicken the liquid with a light rántás. Let’s boil it a little bit more, and when it’s ready we’ll put it on a tray with the meaty parts of the stuffed kohlrabi facing up.” Serve with chopped parsley and sour cream.

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