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Töltött káposzta

Stuffed Cabbage

Töltött káposzta Carmel Étterem Budapest Stuffed Cabbage at the Carmel Restaurant in Budapest

Töltött káposzta (“TULE-TUT KAA-POSTA”) is as popular in Hungary as it is throughout Central Europe, though it tends to be significantly spicier.

The above picture of a serving of töltött káposzta was taken at Budapest’s Carmel restaurant in February 2007.

  1. Linda says:


    My name is Linda and would be gladely to have the recipy on your
    hungarian “Töltött káposzta”. As we say in swedish: “kåldolmar”..
    My boyfriend is hungarian and he’s father invited me to taste som
    hungarian Töltött káposzta…and those were realy good!

    Sincerely / Linda

  2. nenk geulis says:

    i’ll to tryed to cooked this is food…maybe it is
    so deliciusz…hmm so yummy..

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