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They Really Weren’t Joking About Taking Túró Rudi to China

resized__120x90_turo_kiitty.jpgNo matter how often the story of the Chinese Túró Rudi rises to the top, it always smells a little bit off. But despite these suspicions, it finally looks like Hungary’s number one dairy snack really will be rolling off a Chinese production line after the Fengning plant was ceremoniously opened on October 16. And to prove it, website Brandtrend even laid its hands on the spotted poster left.

As reported by Privatbankar.hu and previously on these pages (click link in first sentence), EU-Milk Technologies Kft and Chinese Zhong Xing Ltd signed a ten-year contract to introduce dairy industry technologies, supply of related equipment and handover of additives needed for new products in September 2007. Test production at the Fengning plant featuring Hungarian technology, started at the beginning of this month under the supervision of Hungarian túró boffins.

The main product to be manufactured by the plant is “Túró Kiittyy,” a chocolate covered curd cheese dessert in the TR mold, which will be sold in China from November for half the price of its Hungarian equivalent. Initial capacity of the plant is 100,000 Túró Kiittyys per day, but the equipment is capable of producing up to 300,000 per day. The plant, which employs nearly 70 locals, uses ingredients and chocolate imported from Hungary. Chocolate imported from Hungary, now we really have heard everything.

  1. Demagogue says:

    Hooray. The Túró Rudi starts its global domination here.

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