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Rakott Krumpli

Layered Potato Bake

A popular and easy to make dish, rakott krumpli was among the top 10 in the mains category in a 2010 online vote to find Hungary’s favorite dishes. This is a translation of a recipe submitted to mindmegette.hu by Mari Lajos. It serves four people.

1 kilogram middle-sized potatoes
6 eggs
100 grams smoked, paprika-flavored kolbász
500 milliliters sour cream
2 egg yolks
Diónyi baking margarine
100 grams sliced, smoked bacon

Let the potatoes sit in cold water for 10-15 minutes and then clean. Clean the eggs as well. Put potatoes in a pot with enough water to cover well, add a tablespoon of salt, bring to a boil, cover and cook for 20 minutes on low heat, until soft. Put the eggs in a pot with cold, very salty water, bring to a boil, cook for 8 minutes, then put them in cold water to cool. Drain the potatoes, peel while still warm and let them cool. Peel the eggs and cut into quarters or circles. Wash the kolbász in warm water (to make it easy to remove its skin) then cut into thin circles. Combine the sour cream and the egg yolk. Preheat oven to 200°C (gas cooker 3). Smear butter or margarine inside a baking dish, put half of the potatoes in, sprinkle with salt, put the egg and kolbász on top, then spread half of the sour cream on top. Add the rest of the potatoes and sour cream, and put the bacon on top. Bake until sour cream and bacon are golden brown (35-40 minutes). Serve with mixed pickled vegetables or fresh vegetables in vinegar.

  1. korankelo says:

    Don’t try Rakott krumpli in restaurants. Rakott Krumpli is only good the way you grandma’ makes it.

  2. Tim Vidra says:

    I agree with the first comment unless my Dad is making it!

  3. Koermendi says:

    Still a bit too much Hungo in the “translation” — only one potato?
    I think that idiom requires “grease a baking dish”. And… aren’t
    you going to cut up that/those peeled boiled potato/es before
    layering it/them? No? Jo etvagyat anyway!

  4. Steve Vidra says:

    A Fatal vendegloben volt jo rakot krumpli de mar harom eve nem volt az etlapon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rakott Krumpli is my favorite dish my mother makes….and i agree it does not come tasty in resturants only in your family kitchen

  6. wolfi says:

    This is one of my wife’s favourite dishes – but I only ask for it in winter and only after I’ve worked hard (shoveling snow for example …)


    Like many Hungarian dishes it contains way too many calories for a “couch potato” …

  7. Stephen says:

    Kormendi – it’s 1 kilograms of potatoes. That’s 2.2 pounds.

  8. AndyW says:

    Made by my mumika last week, amazing.

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