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Milk Fresh From the Cow Increasingly Popular But Not Always Good

milk_bottle.jpgFood inspectors recently found that only one out of nine samples of “home style” uhomogenized milks available at markets, producers and organic stores was without some problems, reports seniors’ portal Ötvenentúl.hu. Inspectors belonging to the National Association for Consumer Protection (OFE) tested nine samples which represent the types of home style milks sold by most vendors. They checked the color, smell and taste of the samples, and found that two of them left some “fluffy precipitation” on the glass, while two others had a sour taste.

The same samples were also tested at the Hungarian Dairy Research Institute‘s laboratory, and it was revealed that only one sample met all of the requirements of home style milks. Half of the samples were diluted with water, and nearly all contained lower nutritional values, fat and protein content than what is considered desirable.

The OFE did have one positive thing to announce, however, which is that none of the samples contained inhibitors, antibiotics, hormones or chemicals.

The average Hungarian drinks 160 liters of milk each year, and home style milks are becoming increasingly popular.

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