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McDonald’s to Celebrate Twenty Years in Hungary with Big Mac Sale

bigmac.jpgNext Tuesday, to celebrate the fact that McDonald’s opened its first store in Hungary twenty years and one month ago, (simply holding the celebration on the twentieth anniversary would have been too logical), Big Macs will again be available for 43 forints, the price at which they were sold in 1988, writes index.hu. Say what you will about McDonald’s, but it must be noted that the Budapest Burgerwar™, (which will soon see its ceasefire ended), would be nowhere without it, as the arrival of McDonald’s in Hungary is widely credited with informing Hungarians that csalamádé doesn’t belong in a burger and that the meat shouldn’t resemble tire rubber. The cheap Macs will be on sale from 11 in the morning to 1pm, although the piece didn’t state if the temporary price nostalgia would be limited to the original franchise in Régiposta utca, or if it would extend to all locations.

  1. Richard Molnar says:

    43 forints is approximately the price what this and similar products are worth……Still, I would not eat it.

  2. Maria says:

    I’m a Hungarian/Australian foodie.. and I enjoy $100 lobster as much as I enjoy a Big Mac. I may love good caviar, but I also lover an Australian meat pie and vegemite on toast.

    I think it’s fabulous that the burgers are so cheap.. equivalent to 29 cents AU. I wish they’d do that here too.

  3. transfat says:

    They don’t know what they’re doing. Knowing how Hungarians are savages, it’s bound to get real ugly!

  4. Janka says:

    OMG, I can’t wait!! The very first thing I did when I arrived in Hungary in 1995, on the way in from the airport with my Hungarian hosts, was to stop at the first drive-thru McD’s in Budapest (and presumably the country). After a long flight from the US, it was heaven to have that familiar squishy pink pickly goo. Hooray!

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