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Fried Dough

Lángos Hungarian Fried Dough

Lángos is a favorite Hungarian snack, and is most commonly topped with sour cream and grated cheese. This recipe comes from Szakácskönyv by Ilona Horváth.

300 grams bread flour
10 grams yeast
Warm water
100 grams fat

This dough is made the same way that bread dough is made, but we don’t knead it. Instead, we make it softer by beating it with a spoon so that it is about as tough as a galuska dough. When it has risen threefold, warm the fat. With wet hands, take big spoonfuls of the dough and stretch them thin (to fit in the pan that you will use to fry them). Place in the hot fat and cover. Cook it until it is crispy, and then turn it and cook the other side. Stretching the dough wet makes the lángos crispy. Lángos is a very fast dough to make, and can even be made in small quantities. It makes a good casual dish for tízórai (10am snack), dinner or as an accompaniment to főzelék.

  1. Maria says:

    I love langos, but have always paid for it at Hungarian balls (dances). Great to have a recipe! :)

  2. Guy Bague says:

    It smells like fish!!!

  3. the best langos in the city is at the Hunyadi ter market (6th district)!

  4. JoeBones says:

    I can attest to that, yummy stuff.

  5. Odete Surjan says:

    Hi there,
    First congrats for the site. Very well done.
    My hunsband is hungarian, so I’m a frequent guest here looking for recipes. I had already made a link to your site.
    As he loves langos I want to write a post about that so I want to ask you the permition to use your recipe and langos photo in my post/blog. Of course I will mention the origem of it.
    I would appreciate your response.

  6. Chris Thiel says:

    The 100g of fat can be a big factor in taste… What sort of fat do
    you use?

  7. Endre Algöver says:

    Here in the States, a short-cut for the dough is to use Bridgeport frozen bread dough (or something similar). Thaw it and let it rise and then stretch it and cook as per the recipe.
    Likewise, if “fat” is too generic and uncertain for you (although, depending on the “fat,” it would likely have the best taste) we have had success using a butter-flavored cooking oil for the frying.
    I once had la’ngos on the roadside on the way back to Budapest from Balaton, and the garlicky sauce they spread on it was great! I’d like to know how to make that. I’ve tried, and can’t duplicate the flavor.
    Finally, oddly, you will find that ther Native American tribes serve “Indian fry bread” which is essentially la’ngos, in roadside diners in the Southwest. Only they haven’t figured out the garlic part. They really look at you strange when you ask for some and rub it on!

  8. Meehoo says:

    Try paprika

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