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Kovászos Uborka

Fermented Cucumbers

During “cucumber season”, there are jars everywhere holding small warty cucumbers, which sit fermenting in the sun. Most people prepare this in big quantities, using three-liter jars. The recipe comes from Szakácskönyv by Ilona Horváth. Horváth notes that the fermenting juice should be reserved as “it is refreshing and healthy.” It can be also be used for making kapor leves (dill soup).


Cut the ends off of the medium-sized cucumbers and punch some holes in them. Arrange them in a large jar and cover with warm salted water. Add some dill and garlic. Cover the top of the jar with one piece of toasted bread. Leave it in a warm place (in the sun) for three days. Remove the bread and store the cucumbers in a cool place.

  1. András Kovács says:

    Hi there,

    is it realy called Fermented Cucumbers? I thought it’s rather called Pickled Cucumbers or simply pickles…

    Btw. your website guys, rocks!


    Andras Kovacs

  2. Rachel says:

    We usually call them dill pickles

  3. johnny says:

    I believe “kapros uborka” is dill pickle

  4. Rachel says:

    You are right there, but check out the ingredients….

    I was simply saying what a native speaker would probably call them as opposed to fermented pickles.

  5. Erik says:

    Well, I agree “fermented” sounds weird, but I think it needs a weird name to underscore the fact that there actually isn’t any “pickling” going on here in the traditional sense, because of the lack of vinegar. And we certainly wouldn’t want to call them “yeasty cucumbers” :)

  6. Stacey says:

    Pickling involves fermentation in the “traditional sense”.

  7. Anonymous says:

    how do you know how much stuff to add? it doesnt say amounts…

  8. fairest says:

    This is a fermented food product that’s good for your digestive system by introducing friendly bacteria. Half sour pickles in the US and kovaszos uborka in Hungarian.

  9. Stefan G says:

    Being in Berlin, it is impossible to come by this stuff here. So, I usually stock up when visiting my aunt in Hungary. Any German who knows if there is something similar here?

  10. andrew gallovich says:


    How about ‘leavened’ cucumbers.
    It is the yeast that leavened the bread that ‘sours’ the cucumbers.

    The Hungarian word ‘kovasz’ is an old (almost obsolete) word for yeast.
    Thus the logical English expression for ‘kovaszos’ is ‘leavened’.

    Have a good one,

    ( Andras…)

  11. Nickolas says:

    My mum says, “Add enough salt to float an egg.”

    None of our family “punctured” the fruit. We use(d) field cukes, trimming the tips off and slicing 3/4 of the along the length, and then the same with a quarter turn from the other end.

    I spoiled a batch using iodized salt. Now use pickling or kosher salt.

  12. Erica says:

    We always called this “Sunshine Pickles”… and you are right about drinking the juice.. Yummm!

  13. Andy says:

    It would be really NICE if someone would give the exact amount of the ingredients used, otherwise its totally useless .


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