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Kenyér Hungarian Bread

Kenyér (“KEN-YAER”) is an important part of the Hungarian diet. The standard type of Hungarian bread is an oval shaped, golden colored one kilogram loaf. Most commonly it is either fehér kenyér (white bread) or félbarna kenyér (half brown bread; made with half rye flour). Shopkeepers will usually gladly cut the kilogram loaf into 500 or 250 gram pieces for you. But loaves are also commonly sold in these smaller sizes as well. Here are some common (and not-so-common) bread varieties:

barna rozskenyér (brown rye bread)
burgonyás kenyér (potato bread)
búzakenyér (wheat bread)
diós kenyér (walnut bread)
fehér kenyér (white bread)
félbarna kenyér (half brown bread; made with half rye flour)
házikenyér (homemade bread)
házi jelegű kenyér (home-style bread)
Húsvéti kenyér (Easter bread; a rich bread made with milk, flour, yeast, eggs and butter with ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, and citrus zest added.)
kifli (crescent-shaped bread roll)
köménymagos kenyér (bread with caraway seeds)
korpás kenyér (made with graham flour, wheat bran, and oat bran)
kukoricakenyér (made with wheat flour and a small amount of corn flour)
rozskenyer (rye bread)
szendvicskenyér (sandwich bread, which is sliced)
olívabogyós kenyér (bread with olives)
zsemle (round bread roll; also called zsömle and zsemlye)
zsúrkenyér (long, thin shaped; used for making sandwiches)

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