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Fisherman's Soup

Halászlé Hungarian Fish Soup

This simple recipe for halászlé comes from Szakácskönyv by Ilona Horváth.

Green peppers

To get a really good halászlé, use many different kinds of fish. For each person buy 250 to 300 grams of fish. Carp, catfish, sterlet and pike perch are the best for halászlé. For each kilogram of fish, use one large sliced onion. Cook the onion for a good half-an-hour with the smallest pieces of fish (and scraps) and some paprika. Meanwhile, cut the larger pieces of fish into 80- to 100-gram pieces, salt them, and let them sit for about an hour in a cool place. Drain the juices from the pan and pour over the big fish. You can add one or two sliced green peppers, and maybe some tomatoes, and cook it for 20 to 30 minutes over a low temperature. Don’t stir the soup, just turn the pot around. To serve, remove the large pieces of fish with a slotted spoon. You can sprinkle some sliced peppers over the top.

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