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Desk Test: Slow Sushi Make Good Sushi

Sushifutár delivers
The Delivery: Bambuszliget sushi box (Ft 2,290), Lazacos maki (Salmon maki – 6 pieces, Ft 690), Avokádós maki (Avocado maki – 6 pieces, Ft 490), Pácolt retek maki (Pickled radish maki – 6 pieces, Ft 590), Lazac nigiris-sushi (Salmon nigiri-sushi, Ft 280), Szent Jakab-kagyló nigiri-sushi (Scallop nigiri-sushi, Ft 490), Polip nigiri-sushi (Squid nigiri-sushi, Ft 270), Szívkagyló nigiri-sushi (Cockle/surf clam nigiri-sushi, Ft 490)
From: Sushifutár, via Netpincér.hu. Sushifutár is actually the home delivery branch of Takebayashi on Belgrád rakpart. Which – just to make matters even more confusing – also goes by its Hungarian name, Bambuszliget.

The Lowdown: To cut a long story short, this was by far the best sushi we’ve had delivered in Budapest. But it came at a price, and we don’t mean the money, since Sushifutár costs more or less the same as all the other sushi-on-a-scooter businesses popping up in Budapest. The thing is that we almost died of hunger by the time our delivery finally arrived. It took exactly 120 minutes, including some telephone calls, which started out angry, but became increasingly desperate. This wasn’t the first time that we used Sushifutár, so we knew we would have to wait long enough to consider seppuku, but this beat their previous worst of 80 minutes by a loooong way.

Sushifutár proudly states that “ételeink egyedülállóan NEM előregyártottak, megrendeléskor frissen készítjük el“, which roughly translates as “our food is not pre-prepared, we make every dish fresh after your order.” While this seems a pretty good excuse for their criminally long delivery times, we must admit that in a city where fresh seafood is notoriously hard to find, Sushifutár’s stuff seemed pretty healthy looking to us. And it also tasted good, especially the generous piece of squid and the tuna included in the Bambuszliget box. Despite the long delivery, both the makis and the nigiris arrived in perfect shape, something that you just cannot take for granted when your sushi spends a long time bumping along on the back of a scooter. Our only complaint was that the soy sauce was hardly enough for all the sushi we had ordered.

We are not sure if it is worth waiting two hours for any kind of sushi, but we are even less sure of whether it is worth ordering sushi by any other name than Sushifutár.

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