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Derelye (lekváros, sonkás vagy húsos)

Stuffed pasta, with jam, ham or meat

Derelye is stuffed pasta – the Hungarian version of ravioli – and it can be prepared with a variety of fillings. This recipe comes from Unokáinknak ajánljuk (“We Recommend it for Our Grandchildren”) by Lejtényi-Waldhhauser. As it’s mentioned elsewhere in this book, the general ratio for making metélt tészta (which is the sort of dough needed for this recipe) is: 500 grams liszt, two whole eggs, a pinch of salt and just enough warm water to make the dough easily knead-able. “If you add more eggs, the dough will be tastier,” the authors add. Knead the dough, divide it into three pieces, and let them rest until you think they are ready to be rolled out. Roll or cut the pasta into whatever form you’d like, and cook in salted boiling water until the noodles rise to the top.

500 grams flour dough, see above
Jam, or 150 grams ground meat or ham
100 grams fat
200 grams bread crumbs
3-4 tablespoons sour cream (for the meat and ham variety)

“We are kneading a pasta dough with the 500 grams of flour (see above),” write the authors. “We’re rolling it out to a thickness of two milliliters. We are making sure that the dough is very soft, like a kneaded dough. With a derelye cutter, we are cutting the dough into squares. With a spoon, we are placing the stuffing on the squares, we are folding the pieces, and we are pressing them together. We are browning the bread crumbs in fat, boiling the stuffed pasta, draining it and mixing the pasta with fat and sprinkling with bread crumbs.”

  1. Frank says:

    I would like to witness a rolling to 2 milliliters thickness

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