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Culinaris Sandwiches as Great as Expected

culisandwich.jpgThe Culinaris branch in Perc utca opened almost exactly a year ago. It might seem a little silly to celebrate the birthday of a gourmet food store, but we are dealing with a special case here. The history of Budapest for serious foodies can be divided into two parts: B.C. (before Culinaris) and A.C. (after Culinaris).

For the anniversary, we decided not drone on again about how how every obscure catalan sausage or pickled mango can be found at the Óbuda shop, but to concentrate on the sadly overlooked fact that it is also possible actually eat at Culinaris. Well, most people probably wouldn’t eat a sandwich inside the shop, but we are pretty sure that the lovely staff wouldn’t mind even if they did.

Culinaris sandwiches are freshly prepared little baguettes made from whatever is available that day. We had an excellent parma ham, ruccola and dried tomato specimen, and an even better one filled with cheese and a simply perfect eggplant paté. They only cost around 750-800 forints, you can grab a cold drink from the well stocked Culinaris fridge, and, as observed above, devour the whole thing as on the drive back to the office.

  1. buba says:

    this place is a frikken joke!! since when is the expat expected to pay US$ 15 for a box of raisin bran? give me a break!!

  2. buba says:

    I agree with the price pirates but one thing is that it comes to convenience at the end of day and in traffic, where to get your eats for the evening?
    Zoltan B, why do you want to do this to your customers?

  3. Stan says:

    I went to Culinaris the other day in search of a roast beef sandwich. Well, still searching, so far I haven’t been able to find roast beef in Hungary. You know, brown on the outside, pink in the inside, sliced very thin. Add plenty of mayo, salt, pepper and your choice of bread and you get a roast beef sandwich. I know Budapest is not the home of the New York style deli, and this is pork country, but they sell all kinds of weird stuff these days, and no one even knows what roast beef is? Where’s the beef? Does anyone know? Help…

  4. wilbur.mercer@yahoo.com says:

    Good luck finding deli roast beef outside of the east coast. In the 10 years I spent in Chicago I don’t think I ever found anything that even comes close. The best stuff, like you described must be cooked on premises otherwise it will turn grey and bland.

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