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Companies See Green in Plan to Get Hungarians to Eat their Veggies

eat-your-peas.jpgIt’s no secret that, for people who inhabit a country rich in all kinds of agriculture, Hungarians don’t eat their fair share of fruits and vegetables. In fact, according to the latest statistics, the average Hungarian eats fewer than 400 grams of veggies and fruit a day, roughly half of the daily recommended amount of the stuff. But according to a (subscription-only) report in today’s business daily Napi Gazdaság, some local firms have banded together to launch a campaign aimed at raising public consciousness of the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, while (obviously) at the same time enhancing the financial health of those who grow and sell the increasingly scorned foods.

What’s odd is that the folks behind the promotion, which is being mostly paid for by supermarket chain Spar Magyarország, say their goal is to increase fruit and veggie production by 25%-50%, in the medium term. Doesn’t seem very likely, unless the plan is to somehow do something to all these hundreds of thousands of tons of produce to make them more agreeable to the “modern” Hungarian palate, like stuffing them with ham and cheese and then deep-frying them two or three times in hog fat.

  1. Vándorló says:

    You should take a look at TotalFood and all of the pre-packaged business/microwave meals that a lot of people here rely on. High in salt and absolutely no veg., normally just carbohydrate and meat (fatty, of course) served in either breadcrumbs or a thick stew/sauce.

    Why I pick on TotalFood is that it is headed by Béres Alexandra (http://www.beresalexandra.hu/) who has made her name on weight watching and a healthy diet. Try any of her meals and I bet that not one meets any health standards.

  2. Wilbur Mercer says:

    “In fact, according to the latest statistics, the average Hungarian eats fewer than 400 grams of veggies and fruit a day, roughly half of the daily recommended amount”

    Sorry…does that mean that we are meant to eat 800 grams a day? Almost 2 lbs? Altogether I don’t think I eat much more than 2 lbs.

    I am calling shenanigans on this statistic.

  3. Stan says:

    I eat a lot of vegetarians, like cows and such.
    Beef is just grass in an advanced stage before it becomes Stan. It’s nice to be on the top of the food chain…

  4. Miklós says:

    I like your logic, Stan.

    I like my vegetables both in the early and advanced stages and try to eat a balance. Just last night I had a large salad along with a big dish of Csirke Paprikas.

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