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Budapest’s Only Tuk-Tuk Breaks Down

tuktuk.jpgChew.hu hasn’t been around for long enough to allow us to indulge in the re-reviewing of restaurants, but we have to make an exception now, because we’ve made a horrible mistake, and we just can’t live with the thought of misguiding you, dear reader. To cut a long story short Tuk-Tuk, Budapest’s first and only pan-asian home-delivery place that we foolishly praised a month ago, has turned into a particularly nasty carcrash.

Since we didn’t want to get it all wrong for the second time, we consulted half a dozen Tuk-Tuk consumers (err… ex-costumers), and collected their thoughts on the initially promising restaurant. We didn’t find a single person who was completely satisfied with the place, and almost all members of our panel said they have stopped ordering, and it would take an extremely strong thai-box kick to their brains to change their minds. Here are some of the complaints:

- “Very slow.” (Everyone we asked agreed on this one. We know someone who works exactly 200 meters from Tuk-Tuk headquarters and once had to wait for two hours.)
- “Every single time they either mix things up or forget something.” (Again everyone agreed.)
- “Hoisin duck was ok the first two times, even though I got completely different sauces. The third duck was borderline disgusting, overcooked to the point of rotting.”
- “The noodles taste exactly like the cardboard boxes they come in, but look less tasty.”
- “Extremely nasty delivery guys, and I mean nasty by pretty low Budapest standards. Even when they take two stomach-rumbling hours to deliver the stuff, they turn their noses up at a ten percent tip.”
- “If the dish contains any ingredient that can be considered remotely pricey, it will be a tiny portion. Don’t order any meat that is not pork or chicken if you are hungry. And forget seafood.”
- “Waaaaaaay overpriced. I can eat twice as much for this price at Momotaro, and that is actually good food.”
- “There is a rumour around town that the place is run by irritating gag-guy Péter Geszti’s girlfriend. I ain’t gonna eat their chow ever again!” (Absolutely not true, it is owned by an expat couple.)

We were really hoping for Tuk-Tuk to do well, but it’s obvious that after two months in the business, they need to get a new driver and pimp up the whole vehicle. We will wait until then for the re-re-review.

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