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Budapest Burgerwar: The Gresham Beef Burger

Gresham Kávéház Four Seasons Budapest Burgerwar

Gresham Kávéház Four Seasons Budapest Burgerwar

burgerwarsmall.jpgHaving reviewed the Ft 4,250/€16.50 Kempinski Beef Burger back in August, we have by now fully digested the somewhat sickening idea that you can pay as much in Budapest for a hamburger as it might cost to take out a family of four for dinner somewhere in the nearby countryside. So we’re not going to dwell on the price of the hamburger on the menu at the Gresham Kávéház [details/user feedback] [related Chew items], the “coffee house” of the super high-end Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest. And there are two other reasons we won’t complain about the price of the Gresham Beef Burger. One is that, at Ft 4,200, it is Ft 50 cheaper than the Kempinski’s supposedly luxury puck; the second is that the Gresham’s entry in the ongoing Budapest Burgerwar™ is with little doubt the finest we’ve sampled so far.

First, we should point out that the restaurant, while probably best known for its pastries and its insanely deluxe coffee, is a fine dining establishment in its own right, and would no doubt grace our list of “Top 33″ restaurants were it not for the fact that the Four Seasons also contains the T33 perennial Páva [details/user feedback] [related Chew items] and at least for now we don’t want them occupying two spots on the list.

But it’s hard to remember that – or remember to keep taking pictures – once this burger is placed in front of you. Let’s start with the meat, which is nothing short of perfection. By chance, our server was one of the same culinary maniacs who cooked us camel meat in Mauritania, and he informed us, with appropriate pride, that the G-burger is made from a combination of ground tenderloin and sirloin. Likewise, the bun is a dream, the cheese scrumptious, and the fries… oh, don’t even get us started about the fries. Suffice to say that, if you are ever going to blow this kind of cash on a burger, this is the burger to blow it on.

As the tally-sheet below indicates, we think this burger rates a “10″ in every category except affordability, where we’ll give it a “1″ just because of that Ft 50 edge over the Kempinski. And that extra Ft 50 will come in handy, because a simple coke here will run you Ft 850. But like we said – who’s counting.

How They Stack Up:

Meat: (10/10)
Bun: (10/10)
Trimmings: (10/10)
Service/Setting: (10/10)
Affordability: (1/10)
Total Score: 8.2/10

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