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Ázsia Bt. Is Back, and Bigger Than Ever


More than one otherwise knowledgeable local foodie has asked me what happened to the venerable international food store widely known as the “Ázsiabolt” (“Asia store”), which a few months back suddenly cleared out of the fantastically cramped and cluttered space it occupied for the better part of a decade in the basement of the Vásárcsarnok. Answer: It closed for a bit but then reopened in a new and only slightly less cramped and cluttered space a few dozen meters away on the corner of Vámház körút and Pipa utca.

You can be forgiven for walking by the new digs of Ázsia Bt., as the entrance and store-front are almost comically confusing (it shares an entrance with a used clothing store or something like that). But it’s all there, and more: A staffer I briefly spoke with said they had essentially doubled the number of meters of shelf space, allowing them to add hundreds of new items while giving each a bit more breathing room. Check it out.

  1. Matthew says:

    Actually, the space is positively luxurious and you don’t have to worry about knocking things off the shelf by turning around, repositioning your hand basket, or breathing deeply. My only concern is that they may be pulling their herbs and various spice mixtures from the same warehouse as before, and so you need to be wary of moth, beetle, and other funky entomological infestations. I’ve had to napalm and strafe my entire spice cupboard on at least three occasions because of products purchased there. The new space is wonderful, and I couldn’t possibly do without it, but take a long look at that bag of basil you’re buying and make sure nothing is squiggling about.

  2. Joss says:

    I’ve been getting my spices from them for years and
    have never had a problem. Perhaps the issue it with
    your storage?

  3. Bobby Gee says:

    Great news. When I lived nearby, this place was a

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